EAW JFL210 Compact Constant Curvature Line Array & Compatible JFL118 Subwoofer Now Available

EAW has announced the availability of the new JFL210 Compact Constant Curvature line array and compatible JFL118 subwoofer.

The JFL210 incorporates a range of EAW line array technologies within a mobile, lightweight package that’s a solution for numerous small- and medium-sized applications, including portable and installed A/V as well as musician/DJ.

JFL210 modules form easily configured arrays with predictable output and coherence, providing coverage that is both horizontally symmetric and consistent from short to long throws.

The JFL210 can be flown or stacked in a variety of ways. The enclosure size, shape, weight and rigging are optimized for ease of transport and handling. Arrays may be easily flown or ground stacked, and up to two enclosures may be mounted on a tripod loudspeaker stand or on a pole above a pole-mount capable subwoofer.

Each two-way, full-range JFL210 module is outfitted with two 10-inch (2.5-inch coil) neodumium woofers and a 3-inch (1.4-inch-exit) neodymium compression driver closely matched with a horn that provides precise directivity. These high-end components contribute to a maximum peak output of more than 130 dB SPL.

Performance can be optimized even more precisely with an EAW UX8800 digital processor (4 inputs by 8 outputs) that functions as an overall system manager, processor and controller, while its Gunness Focusing alignment and driver processing algorithms dramatically enhance JFL210 line array performance.

Dual Neutrik Speakon STX Series jacks are provided on each JFL210. The STX Series’ all-metal housings are extremely rugged and provide weather protection to IP54 when mated with a complimentary STX Series cable connector.


The input panel also houses recessed powering mode and HF Shading switches. Both are shrouded with a rubber boot for weather protection.


JFL210 Features:
– Very compact footprint (314 mm / 12.4″ H x 631 mm / 24.8″ W x 397 mm / 15.6″ D)
– Light weight (23.6 kg / 52 lb.)
– Neodymium drivers for superior performance and durability
– Nominal beamwidth: 110 degrees horizontal and 15 degrees vertical
– Easy construction of vertical arrays of up to six units
– User switchable single- and bi-amp modes
– HF Shading switch-optimized array high frequency response in single-amp powering mode
– Optimization for transport by just one person
– EAW UX8800 with Gunness Focusing, further enhancing performance and control
– Easy pole mounting, flying and ground stacking capability
– Integral, high-strength rigging system 10:1 design factor, providing confidence in all flying applications
– Enclosures protection by EAW’s tough RoadCoat finish

The JFL118 is a light weight, high-powered, single 18-inch flyable subwoofer that includes JFL210-compatible rigging fixtures.

The JFL118 enclosure shape, size, weight, rigging and accessory castors are optimized for transport by one to two people. The splay of adjacent enclosures is fixed at 0 degrees, simplifying the requirements of integral rigging. Each module measures 21″ (H) by 24.8″ (W) by 30″ (D) and weighs less than 100 pounds.


Each JFL118 includes integral rigging, which joins up to six enclosures together with a 10:1 safety factor and provides superior balance and stability. Eyebolts screwed into the top of the enclosure simplify rigging in permanently installed applications. Suspended arrays are a common configuration, and the JFL118 can be flown in conjunction with compatible arrays or be flown solely as a sub-only array. A fly bar with multiple fore/aft pick points allows users to set the array angle via gravity.

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Alternatively, loudspeakers may be stacked directly on top of the JFL118. All enclosures are affixed together using their integral rigging. A ground stack rigging accessory tilts the aiming axis of the bottom of the loudspeaker up to 15 degrees, in order that this system is stacked on a stage so the front rows of an audience may be covered by the loudspeaker. Operating mode is single-amp only with two rear panel NL4 connectors, allowing range system input while a third NL4 is used for a pass thru connection to full range loudspeakers.

JFL118 Subwoofer Features:
– Easy configuration: rigs or flies above or ground-stacks below loudspeakers
– Ideal for a wide range of portable and installed AV applications
– JFL210-compatible
– Operating range from 31 Hz to 200 Hz reproduces the lowest musical octaves
– Professional Neutrik NL4 Speakon jacks provide secure, flexible connections
– Neodyium transducers and lightweight rigging contribute to an overall system weight

<100 lbs
– 800 Watt LF allows a maximum peak output of >

130 dB SPL
– EAW construction standard: rugged enclosures, sturdy finish and reinforced steel grilles

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