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EAW and FOCUS, S.A. Hold Clinic For Freelance Audio Technicians In Spain

Loudspeaker manufacturer and Catalonian rental/theater firm host informative seminar for the area's audio engineer/contractor community

Spain-based FOCUS, S.A. recently presented an in-depth seminar and workshop focusing on EAW products and technologies for freelance sound technicians.

FOCUS serves as a rental company for many high-profile touring companies in the area, so it is very common for third party and freelance technicians to be setting up and operating FOCUS-supplied EAW units.

The seminar was intended to prepare those individuals to properly handle EAW equipment and make educated decisions on the setup and configuration of such products, along with some basic discussions of the technology involved. Pepe Ferrer and Ferran Diez of FOCUS acted as the event’s primary lecturers.

Part 1 of the seminar focused on the basics of acoustics, including signal coherence, phase issues, crossovers and LP/HP filters, acoustic and electric delays, sub-bass characteristics and pointers, and vertical and horizontal speaker arrangements.

Part 2 offered a more pointed dissection of line array technology and tips, with emphasis on EAW KF730 Series compact line arrays, KF760 Series large line arrays, SB730 line array subwoofers, SB1000z large-format subwoofers and UX8800 digital signal processors, along with EAW proprietary KF730/KF750 “Wizard” and “Pilot” software.

Also discussed were Lab.gruppen FP 10000Q and FP 13000 Touring Amplifiers and pointers for configuration using Device Power Control.

Part 3 focused on EAW-proprietary and EAW-related technology, including Gunness Focusing and Smaart.

“FOCUS has great enthusiasm for EAW, so it’s no surprise that the event was a huge success,” noted Xavi Oliver of Pro3 & Co., representative for EAW in Spain. “Pepe and Ferran did a great job. The audio professionals in attendance all seemed very satisfied with what they learned.

“Specifically, everyone was impressed with the great number of benefits that the KF730 and KF760 offer: how easy they are to set up, the amazing sound quality, etc. Several attendees remarked on the UX8800 processor too, and the noticeable difference in sound when it’s in use. People were blown away.”

“We are big supporters of EAW’s products and technological innovations,” stated Pepe Ferrer of FOCUS, S.A. “It is important that when we are charged with providing equipment for a large project, especially if EAW is involved, that every person dealing with the system knows and appreciates the technology, and that’s what this event set out to accomplish. This clinic was successful, and we look forward to hosting more events like this in the future.”

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