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Earthworks Announces Improvements & Additions To FlexMic Series

The improved podium mic line now features RFI rejection and new models.

Earthworks, Inc. has announced several improvements in the FlexMic Series of microphones.

Designed specifically for use as podium microphones, the FlexMic Series offers numerous versatile features and options that make these microphones the ideal choice for public speaking venues.

This makes them perfect for integration into lecture halls, presentation spaces, churches, civic centers, theaters, and government facilities.

The newly revised Earthworks FlexMic Series consists of three basic product groups with a variety of models within each group to ensure the best microphone choice for any given application.

The redesigned original FM Series incorporates six models with fully flexible goosenecks in three lengths with the choice of either cardioid or hypercardioid polar patterns. 

The FMR Series includes four models in two lengths with goosenecks that have a rigid center and flex at both ends—available in cardioid or hypercardioid.

The FMLR Series microphones also have a rigid center and flex at both ends in addition to a light ring to indicate the microphone’s on/off status and are available in cardioid or hypercardioid models.

Earthworks’ technologies incorporated in the newly revised FlexMic Series models provide a high level of speech intelligibility and uniform off-axis response to insure that the orator is heard clearly and distinctly, with no loss in sound quality, when speaking either at the front or at the sides of the microphone.

The FlexMics offer uniform frequency response at 0-degrees on-axis as well as at 45- and 90-degrees off-axis. This off-axis response and high rejection of sounds from the rear of the microphone also provides more gain before feedback.

The RFI performance of the redesigned FlexMic Series microphones is the result of Earthworks new, RFI Freedom circuitry. This new circuitry was designed to provide complete isolation from radio frequency interference.

In today’s challenging wireless environments, cell phones and other GSM devices are no match for Earthworks’ new RFI Freedom circuitry. Sound system integrators needn’t worry about buzzes, hums, and other radio communications compromising the FlexMic’s exemplary performance.

“Our improved FlexMic Series, which was recently deployed as part of a substantial facility overhaul at the Louisiana State Capital, offers a high level of performance that results in clearly understood dialog—making these microphones a terrific choice for environments where public speaking is common,” said Michael Hurwitz, Earthworks National Sales Manager.

“Whether it’s a boardroom, a lecture hall, a church, or a similar environment, the FlexMics offer today’s orator the clarity and dynamic range that enables them to sound completely natural and be clearly understood.”


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