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Ear Trumpet Labs Introduces Evelyn Stereo Microphone

Offering modern electronics with a vintage look

Ear Trumpet Labs has announced the release of Evelyn, a new stereo microphone consisting of two closely matched medium-large diaphragm capsules mounted in individually pivoting head baskets spaced at the correct distance for the ORTF stereo recording technique.

Both the capsules and the JFET transistors for each side of the stereo pair are exactingly hand-matched for optimal stereo imaging. The electronics are hand-wired using high-quality components, and the result is natural stereo sound.
Evelyn can be utilized as an easy-to-deploy stereo drum overhead or room mic. It’s a good fit in other applications as well, such as live miking for acoustic ensembles from traditional bluegrass bands to string quartets, with very good feedback control and off-pattern rejection.
The striking aesthetic design of Evelyn is distinctive and gorgeous, hand made from copper plumbing pipe and fixtures, electrical flanges, brass, and stainless steel.
Each mic includes a standard 5-pin XLR to dual 3-pin XLR adapter cable, and the pin-out is standard so other stereo cables can be used. Each Evelyn comes in a solid metal tool case with hand-cut foam lining.
Evelyn is now available directly from Ear Trumpet Labs for $1,200 (USD).

Ear Trumpet Labs

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