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Dynaudio Professional Announces BM mkIII Nearfield Monitors & BMS II Subwoofers

Each new BM mkIII monitor comes bundled with an IsoAcoustics monitor stand

Dynaudio Professional has introduced four new nearfield monitors, mounting solutions, and two new precision subwoofers at Prolight+Sound/Messe in Frankfurt.

New monitors include the BM Compact mkIII, BM5 mkIII, BM6 mkIII and BM12 mkIII, and on the subwoofer side, the BM9S II and BM14S II.
The smaller BM Compact mkIII and BM5 mkIII models both offer expanded frequency response and SPL due to a combination of improvements, including drivers design and Class D amplifiers. Each providess an auto standby mode as well as both XLR and RCA input connectors.

BM6 mkIII and BM12 mkIII have been re-voiced and now include Dynaudio Professional’s proprietary waveguide that enhances precision when distributing high frequencies. Both of the BMS II subwoofers have also been further optimized to compliment the new range of mkIII monitors.

Each new BM mkIII nearfield monitor comes bundled with a dual-branded IsoAcoustics monitor stand that allows the monitors to “float” in free space.

This provides an authentic and uncolored sound that is achieved by eliminating energy transfer to surrounding surfaces. The advantages are significant and apart from a tighter bass response, overall imaging is enhanced and the monitors are able to always perform to their full potential.

BM Compact mkIII and BM5 mkIII come with an ISO-L8R 155 stand. BM6 mkIII and BM12 mkIII come with ISO-L8R 200 stand.

Further support is offered in a range of accessories spanning new mounting solutions for larger studios and broadcasters to precision level controls for the desktop – the volume box for BM Compact mkIII, the TC Level Pilot for BM6 mk III and BM12 mkIII, and the TC Electronic BMC-2 monitor controller.

Fred Speckeen, global brand manager for Dynaudio Professional, states,  “We’re tremendously proud of this next step in the evolution of the Dynaudio Professional product range, a brand that has been chosen by ear by the world’s most discerning studio professionals and broadcasters.”

BM Compact mkIII: $629.99 Suggested US retail / 519 € EUR SSP / £429 UK SSP
BM5 mkIII: $729.99 Suggested US retail / 549 € EUR SSP / £449 UK SSP
BM6 mkIII: $899.99 Suggested US retail / 799 € EUR SSP / £649 UK SSP
BM12 mkIII: $1,229.99 Suggested US retail / 1.079 € EUR SSP / £889 UK SSP
BM9S II: $999.99 Suggested US retail / 999 € EUR SSP / £819 UK SSP
BM14S II: $1,849.99 Suggested US retail / 1.849 € EUR SSP / £1,519 UK SSP

Availability—April for Europe and ROW, and May for North America.

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