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Duran Audio AXYS Loudspeakers Chosen For U.K. Tour Of Iconic Rock Opera “Quadrophenia”

"I wanted to take the risk and try something new and powerful that had never been used in theatre before to create a more individual mix." - Jason Barnes, Sound Designer

Sound Designer Jason Barnes chose the new Duran Audio AXYS ScopeG2 loudspeaker range as the FOH PA for the ongoing U.K. tour of the classic rock opera “Quadrophenia”

“I chose AXYS over alternatives because of their dynamic sound, energy and ability to deal with the full range of frequencies whilst not sounding over processed,” Barnes explains. “I wanted to take the risk and try something new and powerful that had never been used in theatre before to create a more individual mix.

“I also wanted a 15-inch loudspeaker with punch rather than anything larger, beacause of the varied venues we are touring to. These boxes fit the bill and are light enough to throw up the pros and punchy enough to throw a rich rock and roll sound to the back of the house. I cannot recommend them enough, the AXYS ScopeG2 is the best speaker I have heard in a long time.”

In total, 12 AXYS Scope T-2115’s were supplied to specialist theatre sound rental company Stage Sound Services for the tour, together with eight Duran Audio B-07 subwoofers.

The T-2115 is a full-range, three-way active loudspeaker with built-in amplification (3 x 350 watts) and DSP.  Components include a 15-inch cone driver for low frequencies, a 2-inch driver for mids and a 1-inch driver for highs. All crossover functionality is taken care of by the onboard DSP which also offers, delay, equalisation and very importantly a volume control to ensure that the systems gain structure is preserved.

The B-07 incorporates a single 18-inch cone driver and again benefit from built in amplification (1 x 700 watts) and DSP.

The system is easily configured and monitored using the AXYS WinControl software which connects to the loudspeaker from a PC at the mix position via a RS-485 network.

The AXYS equipment is not the only new technology on the tour, as Barnes also chose a DiGiCo SD8 mixing console for the tour.

“It wasn’t the easy option to go for more new technology on the show but it has certainly paid off,” he notes. “Like the PA, I wanted a compact option and the desk is certainly that without losing any of the functionality, and I also wanted the desk to be able to cope with the demands of a 9-piece band and 16 cast members, all in DPA headsets. It’s safe to say there isn’t a spare channel on the desk whilst making full use of the alternative input on all channels as a backup.”

Phil Hurley of Stage Sound Services states, “We are very happy with our investment, I have been looking for a powered loudspeaker system within our rental stock and believe the AXYS products will become one of the next industry standard systems in a very competitive market.

“The boxes not only sound great but, combined with the DiGiCo desk, we have a PA that is very compact to transport and load into new venues. What’s more the AXYS boxes are very efficient and the PA pulls a remarkably low current compared to other systems.

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