Drumdots For Studio And Stage Now Available

Removable, reusable, washable and durable resonation-controlling pads for all drums and cymbals made from proprietary Vtem polymer.

Working under the slogan, “Control the Ring, Keep the Tone…,” Drumdots introduces reusable resonation-controlling pads made from proprietary polymer called Vtem that “sticks” to any drum head, cymbal or cowbell, without being “sticky.”

Drumdots control unwanted overtones without sacrificing the natural tone of the drums to dial in the sustain without muffling the tone whether in the studio or onstage. Drumdots are also ideal for use in house of worship applications to help keep drum resonation down in reverberant sanctuaries.

Anything that is “stuck” to the drumhead will inhibit the head from vibrating 360° and resonating completely through to the resonator head. Drumdots momentarily “float” at the peak moment of the vibration. Then, as the vibration decays the Drumdot will re-adhere to the surface and shorten the overtone ring time. (See test results chart below)

To help dial in the precise amount of desired sustain, two sizes of Drumdots are available; the Original and the Mini, which is exactly half the volume of an Original.

They can be used on any type of drumhead or cymbal, even upside down on the resonator head or vertical on the kick drum. Moving the Drumdot in towards the center reduces the ring time while moving it toward the edge increases it. Cymbals work in reverse, a dot closer to the bell will reduce the sustain less than one closer to the edge which will more dramatically reduce the decay time.

Originals come 4 dots per pack and Minis come 6 dots per pack. A metal road case that holds 18 Original Drumdots is also available with room to safely carry a mix of both sizes.

Drumdots won’t melt or leave a residue. They are removable, reusable, washable and durable, simple to use, easy to clean. Drumdots come in a clear hard jewel case for easy travel and storage.

This chart shows that one Original drumdot will reduce the ring time more effectively than two similar products, while preserving more of the drums “Natural Tone”
Test Results:


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