Drum Microphones: Techniques For Miking Drum Kits

Veteran engineer Bruce Bartlett presents a host of solutions in kickoff chapter on mics for drums, available as a free download.

A drum kit can be viewed as a single instrument. Like an orchestra, it can be captured with a pair microphones in a stereo configuration (or a single stereo mic). Or it can be viewed as a collection of individual instruments, picked up with numerous close mics.

What’s the right approach? Well, there is no one “right” answer. Veteran recording and microphone engineer Bruce Bartlett presents a host of solutions in the kickoff chapter to the latest PSW Expert Series with “Techniques for Miking Drum Kits.”

Topics addressed by Bartlett, also a widely published author with numerous books to his credit including “Practical Recording Techniques 5th Edition” and “Recording Music On Location,” include:

— A minimalist approach
— Stereo pairs
— Multiple microphone techniques
— Capturing specific drums within the kit
— And more!

To learn more, download this FREE report today!

The ProSoundWeb Expert Series on Drum Microphones is presented by Audix, and features top authors from ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International.  Look for additional free chapters in the coming weeks with the goal of learning more about drum microphones.

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