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DPA Microphones Announces Application Surge For MMA-A Digital Interface

Device is designed for live and mobile productions, but in recent weeks, this has expanded to those working from home due to social distancing.
DPA Microphones
GRAMMY-nominated recording engineer Mary Mazurek, a DPA MMA-A interface user.

DPA Microphones reports that it has seen a surge in popularity for its MMA-A digital audio interface as production organizers are developing new ways to provide valuable replacements for everyday communication and entertainment.

The MMA-A pre-amp is designed for live and mobile productions, but in recent weeks, this has expanded to those working from home due to social distancing. It’s compatible with iOS devices, Mac and PC computers.

The DPA MMA-A interface.

An app, available for download from the Apple App store, provides specialized functionalities, including the ability to store gain settings and low-cut filters for ongoing and future personalized use in dedicated presets. The device can also be used in an app-independent format with existing recording programs on a Mac and PC.

“I love adapting to the different ways people consume music,” says singer Marc Martel, the voice of Freddy Mercury in 2018’s Bohemian Rhapsody, who uses the device with DPA’s 4099 Instrument and 6061 Subminiature Mics. “I shouldn’t have to sacrifice good audio when I’m on the move or away from my studio. With the MMA-A, DPA has made that possible. It is not only discrete and very portable, it also sounds drastically better than the microphone on my phone.”

The MMA-A offers a two-channel microphone preamp and A/D converter offering mono, dual and stereo capabilities. “DPA has set the standard in quality for iOS audio,” says producer and engineer Mark Hornsby.

In addition to her own recording projects, GRAMMY-nominated recording engineer Mary Mazurek has been using DPA for distance teaching her Columbia College students. “Since we began to shelter-in-place in mid-March, I have been recording lectures for my audio production students, as well as conducting virtual classes and meetings,” she explains. “To do this, I have been using the DPA 4088 Headset microphone with the MMA-A interface. It’s an extremely high-quality yet simple setup. My computer sees it as a core device, so there are no additional drivers to download and install. I can also very easily connect it to my iPhone and record audio with DPA sound.”

SoCal Productions director of business development Brad Williams recently used the MMA-A for a variety of social media projects and found, “it was easy to use and sounds amazing. We highly recommend everyone check out the MMA-A audio interface from DPA for any upcoming projects. You won’t be disappointed.”

SoCal Productions director of business development Brad Williams

At New Hope Community Church in Hope, PA, lead pastor Chuck Wilson is using the MMA-A with DPA’s 4066 and 6060 lavaliers to produce remote sermons. The praise band, which happens to be comprised entirely of members of one family, uses the same setup to record songs for the sermons, as well as for posting to YouTube.

New Hope Community Church lead pastor Chuck Wilson

DPA has also incorporated the MMA-A audio interface, along with its 6000 Series lavaliers and 4098 shotgun mics, into the workflows for the company’s Facebook Live events. These include webinars, such as the recent MMA-A product overview, and interviews with industry pros, who also each receive a DPA mic and MMA-A setup for the production.

Among the interviewees was Daniel Rivera, technical director, FOH, post-production engineer and HOW specialist at Meyer Sound, who says the MMA-A is “Perfect for interview-style podcasting with two mics. It allows you to quickly have a conversation and record audio at a very high level without a ton of gear. I love how easy it was, just pop it in your phone and put on the mic.”

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DPA Microphones

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