DPA Joins Forces With Rycote To Provide Windshield Solution For 4017 Shotgun Microphone

DPA Microphones has joined forces with Rycote to develop the DPA 4017-R Shotgun/Rycote Windshield Solution.

The new strong suspension and windshield solution has been designed specifically to take the DPA 4017 shotgun mic’s compact size and light weight into consideration.

The DPA 4017-R consists of the 4017 shotgun mic with XLR cable and DPA windscreen; the distinctive Rycote Windshield 2 measures just 210mm; the Rycote fur windjammer; Rycote suspension mount in vibrant red and Rycote XLR holder.

This kit provides everything an outside broadcaster, journalist or location film maker could need for clear, directional sound, regardless of the weather and environmental conditions.

“DPA and Rycote share the same philosophy and it has been a great pleasure to work on a project with them,” says Rycote’s managing director Vivienne Dyer. “From conception to fruition it has taken us just three months and DPA has always responded immediately to our requests for information or feedback.

“DPA know what they want and we are so pleased that we have been able to fulfill their needs. The collaboration has been a great success that will ultimately benefit both companies. We respect DPA and everything that they stand for and look forward to working with them closely in the future.”

Adds DPA director Morten Stove, “We were looking for a good way to protect our 4017 shotgun microphone from wind and rain, and contacted Rycote to see if they were interested in making a dedicated shield. Rycote has been wonderfully professional to work with and we look forward to a fruitful business relationship. We are certain that this is a wind-wind solution.”

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