DPA Introduces New 4097 Shotgun Microphone & Interview Kit

Directional mic designed to capture speech from a distance combined in kit with shoe mount, cable, transmitter plate, boom pole and windjammer.
DPA Shotgun Microphone
The new 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun microphone from DPA.

DPA has introduced the 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun microphone offering the same sonic qualities as the company’s supercardioid choir microphone with a directional pickup pattern that’s optimized to capture speech from a distance.

The mic, designed for use with a lightweight boom and windjammer, is incorporated into the new 4097 CORE Interview Kit that also includes the 4099 Cold Shoe Mount with a one-quarter-inch thread; DPA MicroDot cable; a transmitter plate; a telescopic boom pole; and a windjammer to help with adverse conditions in outdoor productions.

Terminating in a MicroDot connection, the mic can attach directly to a transmitter or be used with the company’s 4099 series mounts, clamps and clips for mounting on many surfaces. It can also be used as a “plant mic” in film and TV production environments.

“The 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun was designed as a solution to help complement broadcasters’ toolboxes,” says René Mørch, product manager, DPA Microphones. “Prior to social distancing protocols, a typical interview incorporated standard handheld or lavalier mics. The 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun provides professional sound in a lightweight package, which is perfect for current production needs. Additionally, at just 330 grams (12 oz) without the transmitter, the Interview Kit is a much lighter, more flexible solution than traditional boom mic solutions, enabling reporters, videographers and sound experts alike to capture sound from anywhere.”

The mic can also be combined with DPA’s MMA-A digital audio interface to offer a remote recording package. The interface is a 2-channel microphone preamp and A/D converter offering mono, dual and stereo capabilities, and it’s compatible with iOS devices, Mac and PC.

The 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun is IP58 certified for protection against water and dust, achieved through a water-repellant nano-coating of the cover and housing, hermetic sealing of the amplifier at the core of the mic, and dual gold plating of the diaphragm.

Configured with a MicroDot connector, one of DPA’s adapters can be used with the mic for either wired or wireless applications. It also includes an integrated shock mount similar to the one found in the DPA 4099 mics.

DPA Microphones

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