The Best Place to Put Subwoofers Is…?

Is the floor really the most optimal location for low-frequency systems?

By PSW Staff July 27, 2017

It’s a classic bit of audio “conventional wisdom” that subwoofers should always be placed on the floor. We hear it even from some of the most veteran system operators in the business. But is it actually true?

Delving into the physics of sound, we find that, as with most things in the world of audio, “it depends.” That’s the primary focus of Chapter 3 of “Everything You Wanted To Know About Subwoofers” on ProSoundWeb.

Presented by Fulcrum Acoustic, the series features top authors from PSW and Live Sound International providing their insights on the evolution, designs, configurations and more of sub-bass systems for live sound reinforcement.

Topics covered in Chapter 3:

  • Loading Conditions
  • Crossover Keys
  • Time Delay/Synchronization
  • Level Changes/Variances
  • Avoiding Nulls
  • System Alignment
  • And More!

Take a moment to download this free resource to get a better handle on the optimum deployment of subwoofers in virtually every application.

And if you missed Chapter 1 & 2: “It’s All About The Bass, And Moving Air,” it’s also available as a free download here.

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