Step-By-Step RF Troubleshooting Techniques

A logical approach for tracking down common wireless system problems.

By Ike Zimbel May 17, 2018

For many in pro audio, working with RF wireless systems is considered to be a “nightmare” filled with peril, an accident waiting to happen. In fact, however, wireless systems work without fail every day in thousands of concerts, theatrical productions, festivals, churches, broadcasts and the like, all around the world.

Still, sometimes there can be problems, and that’s the focus of “Step-By-Step RF Troubleshooting Techniques,” Chapter 5 in the PSW Expert Series on wireless systems. It delivers practical troubleshooting steps that can be taken when encountering wireless problems in the field. Often solutions can be easily had just by asking the right questions. Other straightforward fixes can come via coordinating system checks, proper assignment of crew duties, and active.

Learn more on how to diagnose and resolve RF problems by downloading this essential information today.

Presented by Radio Active Designs, the 6-part series features top authors from ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International.

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