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Step-By-Step RF Troubleshooting Techniques

For many in pro audio, working with wireless systems can be challenging. Like any gear, RF wireless equipment can break down and often solutions can be easily found just by asking the right questions. Read More

Fact Check: 7 Common Wireless System Misconceptions

Like any technology, a wide range of opinions, ideas, methodologies and “facts” have developed with wireless systems. Some of them are slightly off base, while others are dead wrong! “Fact Check: 7 Common Wireless System Misconceptions”, Chapter 4 in the PSW… Read More

Inside Passive Cardioid Loudspeaker Technology

Excessive rear low-frequency radiation from loudspeakers and subwoofers often presents a significant challenge to sound reinforcement practitioners. While some solutions have been devised over the years, they’ve not proven entirely effective, especially in larger applications. The engineering team at Fulcrum… Read More

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