Drum Miking: Unique Ways To Mic Up The Kit

A fresh look at drum kit microphone techniques; taking a less conventional approach

By PSW Staff August 16, 2018

When researching drum miking techniques there’s already an overwhelming amount of information already out there, so rather than rehash it, let’s explore some less conventional approaches.

In “Drum Miking: Unique Ways To Mic Up The Kit,” Chapter 5 of the PSW Expert Series on Drum Microphones, veteran audio practitioner Jonah Altrove presents an array of “off the beaten path” techniques, approaches and solutions for capturing drum kit sound. He presents a variety of unique methods, a hybrid of studio techniques and some ideas “begged, borrowed and stolen” from veteran engineers. Learned from his years in the field, insights featured include:

  • Keeping inputs in polarity
  • The benefits of underhead miking
  • Kick drum equalization
  • Microphone preferences
  • And more!

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Jonah Altrove is a veteran live audio professional on a constant quest to discover more about the craft.

The ProSoundWeb Expert Series on Drum Microphones is presented by Audix, and features top authors from ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International.  And, if you missed a previous chapter, it is available for download below:

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