Fact Check: 7 Common Wireless System Misconceptions

The truth behind often misguided beliefs.

By Karl Winkler April 27, 2018

Like any technology, a wide range of opinions, ideas, methodologies and “facts” have developed with wireless systems. Some of them are slightly off base, while others are dead wrong!

“Fact Check: 7 Common Wireless System Misconceptions”, Chapter 4 in the PSW Expert Series on wireless systems,  dispels misunderstandings and provides clarification on issues such as:

    • A directional “paddle” antenna is always needed
    • RF boosters amplifiers gives greater operating range
    • Battery brand affects performance
    • Rechargeable batteries don’t work
    • Going “digital” solves everything
    • VHF systems have more range than UHF systems
  • It takes “black magic” to make wireless systems work properly

Clear up these misconceptions by downloading this essential information today.

Presented by Radio Active Designs, the 6-part series features top authors from ProSoundWeb and Live Sound International.

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