DirectOut Introduces MADI.MONI Compact MADI Testing And Monitoring Device

DirectOut introduces MADI.MONI, an ergonomic MADI tester and mobile MADI monitoring tool.

MADI.MONI has been specifically designed with a small footprint for MADI testing and monitoring in the field.

MADI.MONI offers a simple, uncluttered interface enabling users to see at a glance all format parameters as well as the signal quality of a MADI stream.

Operation is straightforward via four push buttons on the UI including a volume/channel selection to monitor individual channels of a MADI signal via the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The device is battery powered and provides one coaxial and one SFP MADI port.

A traffic light like display delivers immediate information about the physical signal condition (amplitude/jitter). The state of the incoming MADI signal is displayed with dedicated LEDs for each parameter (sample rate, frame mode, channel format).

As a result, MADI.MONI is the perfect match for engineers in the field who need a handy, easy-to-use mobile device that offers comprehensive audio monitoring combined with instant, reliable information about the link quality.

For those who require a more sophisticated analysis tool, DirectOut’s compact MADI analyzer, ANNA-LISA, is the ideal choice. Furthermore, the device’s capabilities have just been expanded with the recent release of a remote control app for Android devices.

You can check out both devices at the AES convention in New York on booth #547. Orders for MADI.MONI can be taken from now with delivery scheduled from December 1st 2015.


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