DirectOut Expands PRODIGY Series Capabilities With New Firmware Release

Update increases the potential application scenarios of PRODIGY.MC by adding FastSRC and EARS (Enhanced Automatic Redundancy Switching).
PRODIGY.MC (top) and PRODIGY.MP from DirectOut.

DirectOut has announced the expansion of the capabilities of its PRODIGY Series with the release of new firmware for both PRODIGY.MC (Modular Audio Converter) and PRODIGY.MP (Multifunction Audio Processor).

Originally planned solely for PRODIGY.MP, the update increases the potential application scenarios of PRODIGY.MC by adding FastSRC and EARS (Enhanced Automatic Redundancy Switching).

“We’re immensely proud to share this major update of the PRODIGY Series,” states DirectOut CEO/CTO, Claudio Becker-Foss, “The lockdown had a huge impact on all of us; it has changed and will continue to change the industry. Considering the circumstances, we are extremely happy that we could use this time to continue our work on the PRODIGY Series in order to provide customers with this exciting update.”

FastSRC is a bidirectional, low-latency asynchronous sample-rate converter for MADI and Network I/Os that allows two digital interfaces of a device to work in different clock domains. It combines quality sound with low latency of less than 0.15 milliseconds, particularly valuable in live sound applications.

“Besides finalizing the already large feature set of PRODIGY.MP,” adds Becker-Foss “we even added a bunch of new functions. Some of them, like the Levelmeter speed configuration or the LTC-to-MTC converter, were implemented as an immediate response to the increased remote production requirements that have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic. The new firmware makes the product unequaled on the market, and ready to face those new challenges. The quality of the FastSRCs exceeded our expectations, and we are thrilled to implement this outstanding feature also into PRODIGY.MC.”

A new version of the globcon control software is also available for free download, and is required in order to manage all of the new functions brought to the PRODIGY Series by the firmware updates.

Luca Giaroli, product manager at DirectOut and globcon, concludes, “Thanks to the great co-operation between DirectOut and the globcon team, we have been able to increase the usability and versatility of the DSP functions inside PRODIGY.MP still further by adding parallel compression and stereo link to the dynamics, and introducing a new set of IIR EQs including All-Pass filters. The processor combined with its control software is absolutely ready to face any audio challenge.”

Go here for a detailed feature list of the updates and for more information and firmware downloads. And, go here to download globcon.


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