Digigram To Present Engineering Brief On AES67 Networks At 140th AES Convention

Digigram announces that its team members will present an Engineering Brief at the 140th AES Convention.

Digigram’s Support and Programming engineer Mickaël Henry, head of Research Nicholas Sturmel, and CNSMDP student Lucas Rémond will offer insights on “Setting Up and Making an AES67 Network Coexist with Standard Network Traffic.” During the session, the presenters will explain how an AES67 network can coexist within a standard non-audio network, detailing the challenges encountered when setting up and using AES67 networks.

Many users expect that setting up and utilizing AES67 networks requires complex and expensive networking gear. This Engineering Brief is intended to debunk the aforementioned myth. Presenting the results of real-world experiments, the authors of this paper will show that operators can start an AES67 network with simple and inexpensive equipment while maximizing performance.

The presenters will analyze the utility of the network protocols required by AES67, including IGMP and its impact on device features, PTP and the clock recovery performance when using PTP enabled switches, and QoS and the impact of non-audio traffic such as web and corporate traffic. They will also present the results obtained on a network composed of 10 different AES67 compliant devices from many manufacturers and supporting various AoIP protocols, all compliant with AES67. In addition, attendees will receive recommendations for providing proper quality of experience while ensuring that networks coexist.

“Participating at the 140th AES Convention is an example of the value Digigram places on network engineering education,” said Nicolas Sturmel, head of research at Digigram. “This Engineering Brief perfectly highlights Digigram’s innovation and expertise in network engineering with regards to audio applications for broadcast, not only in terms of providing AES67 endpoints such as soundcards and codecs but also on the whole AoIP system. Ultimately, we’re helping our customers provide the best quality of service possible for the lowest network infrastructure cost.”

The session will be held on June 4, from 9 – 10:15 a.m. at the 140th AES Convention, in the foyer at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.


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