Digigram Announces Latest Products For IBC2016

At IBC2016, Digigram will present IP solutions that help broadcasters around the world to improve their productivity, flexibility, and program quality.

Digigram’s team will show the latest in IP audio codecs, codec fleet management, and monitoring in the cloud, as well as audio-over-IP (AoIP) sound cards for IP studio migration and IP middleware licensing for smart AoIP streaming, processing, and encoding systems. Digigram will also showcase its new AQORD 4K Ultra HD (UHD) HEVC end-to-end video-over-IP solution.

Digigram is making its IQOYA audio-over-IP (AoIP) technology accessible as middleware to ecosystem partners for creation of their own live streaming, processing, and encoding systems. In introducing its unique IQOYA *VIP engine, Digigram allows OEM partners to focus on providing their own value-added applications, confident that their offerings are built on proven AoIP streaming technology.

IQOYA *VIP combines Digigram’s IQOYA IP audio streaming and encoding engine, built on the company’s advanced FluidIP technology, and key real-time audio-over-IP protocols in a solution tailored for broadcast OEM partners and system integrators. Refined and optimized over five years and more than 3,000 installations for broadcast and telecom operations, the IQOYA *VIP engine from Digigram features native AES67, MPEG-TS, and ACIP audio-over-IP streaming formats, MPEG, AAC, OPUS, and apt-X encoding/decoding, as well as accurate PTP clock synchronization.

Because the streaming engine is packaged in a high-level module and controlled through a web-services API and GUIs, IQOYA *VIP is easy to deploy — enabling a variety of value-added use cases ranging from a simple AES67 AoIP virtual sound card to a complex multiformat transcoding farm for head-end distribution.

During the IBC2016 Show, Digigram will showcase two products designed to enhance and simplify users’ outside remote broadcasting operations. The company will feature its IQOYA *CLOUD codec fleet-management system application and its Reporter Pack, an integrated mobility solution designed for journalists on the go.

Accessible from anywhere via the web browser of any connected device, IQOYA *CLOUD provides an integrated master control room (MCR) application, built on a secure SIP broadcast infrastructure, that makes it easy to deploy, configure, and control a fleet of IP audio codecs. Supporting efficient real-time monitoring of all registered ACIP audio-over-IP codecs across the network, this centralized, cloud-enabled tool allows control-room operators to accept and initiate calls, monitor current codec status, and deploy and configure codecs on the fly. A new software-as-a-service version brings cloud benefits to small and medium-sized radio operations while the enterprise version (a virtualized platform of services) is engineered for broadcasters willing to integrate the whole application into their own IT systems with support from Digigram Professional Services.

Reporter Pack
Digigram’s IQOYA *MOBILE App, Q-Mic preamp, and IQOYA *CALL codec products together enable field reporters to use their smartphones to deliver full-duplex live audio contributions to a newsroom or a production studio. With this mobility solution, journalists no longer require bulky, expensive equipment to record and transmit professional-quality audio reports on the spot. All that is required is a wireless internet connection. In a 2016-only promotion, Digigram is facilitating contribution over IP by offering one IQOYA application, IQOYA *MOBILE, and one Q-Mic preamp for free with the purchase of any of its IQOYA *CALL or IQOYA *CALL/LE IP audio codecs.

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Audio-Over-IP Codecs
At the company’s IBC2016 stand, Digigram will unveil the first distribution solution fully dedicated to IP studios and their requirements for studio-to-studio links (SSL), studio-to-transmitter links (STL), DVB radio, and web radio program distribution.

The IQOYA *X/LINK integrates multiple IP audio codecs and transcoding servers on an enhanced version of Digigram’s IQOYA ARM-based platform, powered by the FluidIP encoding and streaming engine, to facilitate low-latency distribution for SSL, STL, DVB, and web radio programs from low-latency, AES67-synchronous AoIP sources. The IQOYA *X/LINK runs on a fanless and low-power 10W platform while supporting up to 10 bidirectional stereo codecs with AES67 inputs and outputs. By offering all the benefits of Digigram’s IQOYA *LINK stereo codec in a compact, high-density system, the IQOYA *X/LINK allows users to focus power while ensuring the integrity of content delivery.

AQORD 4K Ultra HD (UHD) HEVC Encoder/Decoder
Leveraging HEVC/H.265 to enable cost-effective contribution of the high-resolution (up to 4Kp60, 4.2.2, 10-bit, 120 Mbps) video increasingly used for live event production, the AQORD 4K Ultra HD (UHD) HEVC encoder/decoder allows broadcasters to build an end-to-end live 4K-UHD or multiple-HD contribution link with a single pair of hardware-based, OB-van-compatible video-over-IP codecs. Requiring half as much bandwidth as legacy H.264 systems, this high-end solution is designed to stream live content at a minimal bitrate in a low-power, compact form factor (short 1U appliances) ideal for OB vans.


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