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DiGiCo Unveils S App For S-Series Consoles

Allows remote, wireless control of any S-Series mixing console while permanently displaying an overview of the console layout.

The new DiGiCo S App has been designed to provide wireless control of the company’s S-Series (S21 and S31) mixing consoles directly from an Apple iPad.

The S App permanently displays an overview of the console layout, allowing users to select any available console bank and have the same operation they’re already familiar with, without being tied to the console.

What can be controlled:

Channel Setup – +48-volt, polarity, analog gain, digital trim, channel delay, insert points on/off, meters
Mix – channel label, pan, mute, solo, fader level, meters
EQ – 4-band EQ plus high-pass/low-pass filtering
Dynamics – all dynamics parameters for all console dynamics modes
Auxes – auxiliary send levels, on/off, auxiliary pans
Bus Routing – assignment of channels to buses
Snapshots – insert new, recall, update, delete
Matrix – sends, on/off, matrix input labels
Graphic EQ – 32 faders and on/off for each unit, flatten all bands
Save Session

There’s also an overview mode for selecting the Bank to be controlled. Users just tap the arrow down symbol in the top right corner of the main view. Connection details can be saved for different devices.

Aux Select buttons can (optionally) activate the Solo function for the relevant Aux Channels. Tap the Aux Menu button a second time to activate/deactivate this function.

The DiGiCo S App requires V1.4+ of the S-Series console software and the iPad connection must be configured on the console. It’s not compatible with earlier versions of S-Series software.


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