Readers' Choice Awards

DiGiCo Quantum 7

The DiGiCo Quantum 7 is a revolutionary console set to change the live sound market forever. The use of 7th generation FPGAs gives the console immense power, allowing 256 input channels, 128 aux/sub-group busses and a 48 x 48 full processing matrix. The Quantum 7 also boasts 256 instances of DiGiCo’s unique nodal processing, along with much more processing power. All this with expandable I/O, dual redundant engines and the same intuitive user interface as every DiGiCo SD console.”

  • Unique nodal processing
  • Dual redundant engines
  • Expandable I/O
  • True Solo
  • Mustard processing
  • High channel and buss count
  • Built in UB MADI

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