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DiGiCo & KLANG Wrap Up Extensive UK Roadshow

Team provided in-person product demonstrations to about 350 engineers, rental companies and end users over the course of 29 days across 27 locations in a journey that logged 4,500 miles.
A DiGiCo and KLANG demonstration at one of the stops on the UK roadshow.

A team from DiGiCo and KLANG just wrapped up an extensive in-person tour of the UK, presenting their products to about 350 engineers, rental companies and end users over the course of 29 days across 27 locations in a journey that logged 4,500 miles.

Featured products included DiGiCo Quantum338, Quantum225, SD12 and KLANG immersive personal monitor package as well as showcasing the KLANG:vokal immersive processor and the new KLANG:kontroller. The team provided two three-hour sessions a day offering a closer look at the new consoles and refreshers on the SD-Range with the company’s experts.

“When our world slowly started to come back, we began to get an increasing number of requests from engineers to pop into our HQ in Surrey for some refresher training, so we thought ‘why don’t we come to them instead?’, which is how the idea of a roadshow around the UK came about,” says Tim Shaxson, Technical Sales Manager at DiGiCo. “In addition to answering any questions engineers may have had on the SD-Range, it was also the perfect opportunity for us to show them the new Quantum consoles and to demonstrate and explain the benefits of the KLANG immersive IEM system.”

Adhering to Covid policies, each session was limited to a maximum of 12 people who all had to register in advance via a dedicated section on the DiGiCo website. Each informal event consisted of 45-minute ‘show and tell’ training on Quantum338/225 and KLANG followed by a two-hour refresher on the SD-Range.

Shaxson and Mark Saunders of DiGiCo were in charge of organizing roadshow, with Mollie Autherson and Tom Williams completing the DiGiCo team, covering all the sessions between them. “We appreciate the time that people had to take to come and see us, so we did all we could to provide them with an experience that was both useful and enjoyable to make it worth their while,” says Saunders.

The first stop of the roadshow was Millstone Sound in Cornwall, and from there it traveled the length of the country, concluding in Ireland with three stops in Limerick, Dublin and Belfast organized by Rea Sound, DiGiCo’s NI Dealer. “The roadshow was important as it was a transitional time from Covid to live shows, and offered us an opportunity to not only get hands on with the latest DiGiCo gear, but also for engineers to have time on the desks and network for the first time in over 16 months,” says Chris Honey, Director at Millstone Sound. “The information we learned about the true power of the consoles inspired us to upgrade our SD12 with HMA optics, Waves, and the -96 option, along with the purchase of a new fully 32-bit HMA SD-Rack,” he adds.

Calum Mordue, Touring Director at Patchwork London, adds, “We loved having DiGiCo over to our brand-new warehouse / Prep Lab to give us and our clients a refresher on the SD-Range of consoles, as well as present the new Quantum225 and KLANG. It was perfect timing for both us and our clients to see the Q225 in person a couple of weeks before taking delivery of ours ahead of shows and tours planned with the console.”


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