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Dicroic Installs L-Acoustics Into New Istrian Hotel

The Croatian distributor installed a 12XTi coaxial system in the Hotel Lone located in Rovinj, Croatia

L-Acoustics’ Croatian distributor Dicroic has installed a 12XTi coaxial system into the Hotel Lone, an exclusive new resort on the waterfront of Lone Bay, situated in the protected Monte Mulini forest, Rovinj.
Part of the Croatian Maistra chain of hotels and resorts, which offer high quality accommodation and leisure facilities in northwestern Istria, Hotel Lone is Croatia’s first five-star design hotel, providing a year-round leisure and business destination.

Dicroic has installed an L-Aacoustics system into the hotel’s multi-purpose conference hall, designed to host a range of conferences as well as theatrical and concert events, as well as into the hotel’s jazz club.

The 600-capacity congress hall has been installed with L-Acoustics 12XTis as a left/right system, with two 108Ps as delays and two ground stacked SB18i subwoofers, all powered by LA4 amplified controllers.

Designed to provide complete and balanced coverage for the main auditorium, the system can also be subdivided to provide sound for three smaller rooms: two 12XTis and two SB18is for the first hall, two 108Ps for the second, and two 108Ps for the third hall. 

The Hotel Lone jazz club sound system consists of two12XTis left and right in front of the stage, and two ground stacked SB18i subwoofers. At the opposite end of the room to the stage is a delay system of two L-Acoustics 108Ps.

“Using L-Acoustics’ 3D acoustical simulation program SOUNDVISION, we were able to determine the precise position of the 12XTis,” says Dicroic’s Slaven Tahirbegović. “This allowed us to get extremely good results in the hotel’s multi-purpose conference hall in terms of excellent sound coverage without reflection, with a small amount of enclosures.

“For the Hotel Lone’s jazz club, L-Acoustics has provided an outstanding listening experience with its distinctive warm and precise sound. Once again this proves to me that superior technology gives excellent results in practice.”

Dicroic has carried out many fixed installations using L-Acoustics systems, including the Sanctuary Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Club Equador, Club Vanilla the Croatian National Theatre in Split and Saturnus Discoteque in Zadar, and Dubrovnik Airport.



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