Denon Professional DN-V210 DVD Players Selected For Classroom Use At University Of Notre Dame

Denon Professional has announced that 40 of its DN-V210 professional DVD players have been selected for installation at a variety of locations on the University of Notre Dame, where they will provide DVD playback for multiple programs and departments in various classrooms and lecture halls.

As part of a technology upgrade spanning the university’s campus, the units were chosen for their dependable playback, intuitive operation and rugged, industrial construction. Granger, Indiana-based Vista AV Integration handled the selection of the DN-V210s and any subsequent product support or service, in coordination with Denon Professional.

“We made a suggestion to use Denon, and the University went with what we recommended,” stated Jim Hevel of Vista AV Integration. “Selecting the DN-V210 was an easy decision to make. We like the ruggedness and simple controls, and it’s designed for commercial use where the unit might be on for days at a time.”

As they will be the primary method of DVD playback in classroom situations, the DN-V210s will serve such diverse educational applications as lecture features, lesson enhancements and class projects.

Hevel added, “Notre Dame of course has a stellar reputation for its academic programs, and Vista AV understands what kind of gear schools need. We like to recommend simple and reliable equipment that performs well in educational environments, and that is exactly what the Denon DN-V210 provides.”

The DN-V210 Professional DVD Player is equipped with the standard functions of most DVD Players and includes advanced functions required by professional applications, such as High Definition Multimedia Interface capability (HDMI), Defeatable On-screen Icons, User-definable Wallpaper, NTSC/PAL Conversion, Auto Play and various Repeat modes.

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