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DeltaLive Named International Distributor For L-Acoustics Creations Division

London-based entity supporting projects and opportunities for L-Acoustics new division serving residential sound market.
L-Acoustics Loudspeakers
Paul Keating (left), DeltaLive MD and director of corporate & private relationships for L-Acoustics Creations with Christian Heil (right), founder and president of L-Acoustics.

L-Acoustics has appointed London-based DeltaLive as the international distributor of its full range of products in the newly created L-Acoustics Creations division serving the residential multichannel sound market that was announced earlier this year.

“The team at DeltaLive possess a unique technical and regional savoir faire,” says L-Acoustics CEO Laurent Vaissié. “Their proven ability to forge connections with key markets and influencers, their technical expertise in audiovisual support, and their ability to deploy and demo L-Acoustics Creations solutions makes them the ideal partner for us as we present our market-leading audio products and technologies for specification in state-of-the-art residential, artistic, cultural, and experiential spaces.”

DeltaLive, represented by Paul Keating, director of corporate & private relationships for L-Acoustics Creations, is tasked with supporting projects and opportunities with integrators, architects, interior designers, property developers, creative technologists, sound artists, and end users.

“We’re surrounded by immersive technologies and experiences. It’s time for a different approach to home entertainment that transcends traditional high fidelity and cinematic audio formats to offer a more visceral listening experience,” states L-Acoustics founder and president Christian Heil. “The surge of wellness and mindfulness practices also underscores the need to offer truthful sound. Hearing and sound are key components to feeling and emotional well-being. Sound is still poorly understood, and often neglected, in designing a space. We’re here with the technologies and the teams to make listening spectacular again. DeltaLive, as an early adopter of L-ISA technology, and the company tasked with installing the first Island prototypes on L-Acoustics premises around the world and for special events, is a perfect partner to help break new ground.”

Keating adds, “When DeltaLive became part of the L-Acoustics Group, it was still the early days of L-Acoustics Creations. Recent months have brought clarity and our long-term commercial plan is now focused and defined. Our products and technologies are unique in the marketplace and we have something really special to offer our clients in terms of immersive experiences.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for DeltaLive and really supports what we have been doing with L-ISA technology in general. Personally speaking, having come from the rental sector, it’s great to transfer that services skillset and mindset to becoming the link between a manufacturer and the client. L-Acoustics are a fantastic company and have a real family spirit. Also, it’s inspiring to be working alongside such an industry visionary as Christian Heil.”

Go here to learn more about L-Acoustics Creations and for team member contact details.


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