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The Parker Jazz Club house band on stage, with owner Kris Kimura on saxophone and QSC K12 loudspeakers serving as monitors at the stage lip. (Photo by Kim Yarbrough Photography,

Delivering World-Class Experiences: Inside The House & Streaming Approaches To Live Performances At The Parker Jazz Club In Austin

Backed by a forward-looking business model, an experienced tech crew manages the venue’s high-quality sound and lighting systems while streaming performances to a growing remote audience.

The Microphone & DI Locker At The Parker

● Sennheiser G4 and 2000 Series wireless systems with beltpack and handheld transmitters as well as a plug-on transmitter; e 835 and e 935 mics
● Shure KSM 8 and KSM 9 mics for vocals, SM57 and SM58 mics, Super 55 mic for “specialty” needs
● Electro-Voice RE20 mics for horns
● Sennheiser MD 421 II mics for horns
● DPA 4099 mics for piano, clip-on horns and strings, and audience ambience
● Audix D6 mic for kick drum
● Ear Trumpet Labs “Edwina” and “Nadine” mics for bass and vocals
● Royer R10 mics with Booster phantom power box for brass and guitar amps
● Neumann TLM 102 mics for drum overheads
● Radial D2 stereo and Neve RNDI DI boxes
● Barcus Berry Planar Wave 4000 piano pickups

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