DcSoundOp Tech Tales: Paying Tribute To The Shure UR4

A farewell to the workhorse of wireless audio in the US market.

It’s rare in the world of modern technology and yearly updates of flagship products to find a piece of gear that has stayed in production, let alone dominated its category for over a decade.

The UR4 wireless systems from Shure have done just that, being trusted and relied upon around the globe in the most demanding production environments imaginable. From corporate rentals to Broadway theaters & international events, the UR4 has done them all and given very little reason to look elsewhere for professional wireless solutions.

With this past year witnessing Shure discontinue the line officially, along with the most recent shake-up in RF spectrum allocations here in the United States, we’re finally seeing a transition to the Axient AD4 systems that have been on the market for some 5 years already. For those folks who still have UR4 systems in a usable band for their location, I imagine they will continue to see professional use well into the future.

But while they’re still here with us, I thought it was only fitting to give them a proper send off. Here’s a historical look at where the UR4 came from, how Shure came to dominate the wireless space, and one last walk-through of the features for future generations to experience after they’re gone for good.


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