dbx Introduces New DriveRack PA+ For Enhanced Loudspeaker Management

dbx Professional Products has introduced the new DriveRack PA+, a complete loudspeaker management system that provides audio signal processing and an intuitive user interface.

The new PA+ builds on the strong reputation or the original DriveRack PA by staying true to its predecessor while providing more great features and improved functionality. 

It includes a new, updated library of stored loudspeaker and amplifier settings. Having the settings included in the DriveRack eliminates the need for users to enter their own settings during setup.

A USB connection has also been added that will now allow users to update the preset settings.

Other new features include fulltime RTA, front panel mute buttons, a faster Auto EQ Wizard, and an enhanced Setup Wizard process, which now includes a new, industry-first Auto Level™ Wizard. Setup Wizards have set the DriveRack line of products apart for years. 

The DriveRack PA+ Wizards enable even less experienced users to set up a system.

While the new DriveRack PA+ has been updated with new features and functionality, it includes all of the features of the original DriveRack PA, including dbx compressor/limiter module, a high-quality 6-channel output system that includes parametric EQs, and Peak Plus limiters, patented dbx Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS) system to eliminate feedback, and the dbx 120A subharmonic synthesizer function.

It also continues to have two independent signal paths linked DPS processing power and linkable 28-band graphic equalizer.

“The best just got even better with the new DriveRack PA+. We have managed to improve upon the incredibly successful DriveRack PA while staying true to what the PA so great,” stated Jay Woolley, marketing director for portable sound, Harman Music Group. “We are confident users will find that the PA+ is easy to use and makes their loudspeaker systems sound better than they ever thought possible.” 

The dbx DriveRack PA+ is now available for order with the same MSRP as its predecessor of $749.95.

The new dbx DriveRack PA+

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