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DBX Compressors Chosen For Zakk Wylde’s Studio

The dbx 160A will lend its signature sound to the new Black Label Society album.

A/V consultant Under the Wire recently completed construction on the home studio of guitar legend Zakk Wylde, installing a multitude of dbx equipment to help Zakk and his band, Black Label Society record their new album.

Featured in the installation are dbx compressors and outboard gear.

“We were specifically looking for the dbx sound,” said Zack Fagan, sound engineer and founder of Under the Wire.

“The dbx 160A and SL both have a very unique sound that no studio in complete without.”

Black Label Society’s FOH man, Dave Allen and Fagan have been friends for numerous years before the two met again at Wylde’s new studio.

Allen put Fagan in touch with Jeff Harris of dbx when BLS was looking for a total sound turnaround.

“Jeff came on board and provided us with great advice for the studio, recommending all of the equipment that would give BLS the ultimate sound for their new record,” continued Fagan.

At the project’s completion, the eager team patiently waited to hear their recordings through the latest dbx equipment. Fagan continued, “The only issue we had with hooking up the new equipment was doing it as fast as we could to start using it.”

The team couldn’t be happier with the results as the entire renovation plan went flawlessly, with no problems stemming from either the gear or installation.

“The entire process from start to finish went so smoothly and quickly that the soldering iron was still hot when I ran into the studio to start working on the new album,” stated Wylde.

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