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d&b audiotechnik Heads Up Concert System At New Tin Box: The Live House In Singapore

A-Series arrays offer variable splay angles and acoustic optimization in a compact format that helped in overcoming the challenges of getting even coverage in low-ceilinged venue.
The stage at the new Tin Box in Singapore, ourfitted with d&b A-Series arrays.

Singapore’s new Tin Box: The Live House, a music venue that focuses on local up-and-coming talent and recently opened to the public, is equipped with tour-standard staging, lighting, and audio that’s headed up by A-Series augmented loudspeaker arrays from d&b audiotechnik.

With help from concert and event management company IMC Live Global, the intimate 250-capacity venue offers a performance space to some of the region’s best artists. Joy Yong, IMC Captasia group director of artist management and development, states, “d&b is our trusted, go-to brand for our live shows and concerts. The A-series is more suited for smaller venues such as this live house in comparison to the other models used in large arenas. The sound is in no way harsh and the audience is not subject to fatigue when there are high volumes.”

Being a basement venue, Tin Box is only about 240 square meters in size and has low ceilings, a factor making it more challenging to provide even and complete sound coverage. However, the installation challenges were not so much technical as they were aesthetic, with the main concern being that the sound system would block views to the stage. However, after the installation process was complete, Yong says there was no obstruction and that the audience has a very good view of the stage no matter where they are in the club.

The A-Series combines variable splay angles and acoustic optimization in a compact format. Together, the AL60/ALi60 and AL90/ALi90 modules form a system that can scale from a single loudspeaker to far larger and more impactful.

Arrays of two to four loudspeakers can be deployed horizontally or vertically, covering areas of 50 to 150 degrees. The variable splay angles allow arrays of up to four A-Series loudspeakers to adapt to venue shapes in 5-degree increments from -10 to +10 degrees. Midrange directivity control provides acoustic optimization directly from d&b amplifiers, a function designed to use fewer amplifier channels than ArrayProcessing, while helpting to keep lower midrange directivity symmetrical.

Unfortunately, the club is not able to hold any live music events currently due to pandemic concerns, but prior to that, Yong oferred praise for the results” “The entire show experience is of top-notch quality, not just for the audience off-stage, but for the performers on-stage,” said Yong. “Musicians and singers are able to deliver a high standard of performance, and the audience, from right upfront to the back of the room, enjoys an equal richness of sound.”

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