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David Guetta’s Personal Studio Receives Upgrade From Genelec

Studio upgrade includes a pair of 7380A Smart active subs to provide bass extension with a smoother and flatter response.
David Guetta, pictured with his setup of Genelec 1234A three-way Smart active monitors and 7380A Smart active subwoofers.

Having DJ’ed in Ibiza for over 20 years, David Guetta’s personal studio on the island has recently been upgraded with a pair of Genelec 7380A Smart active subwoofers that join his existing Genelec 1234A 3-way Smart active monitors.

The new solution came about after Guetta identified a problem with the mixes that he was creating with his old system. “In the previous system that I had, the subs were so loud that they were not really realistic,” he explains. “If I would mix with those subs, sometimes I would end up with a record that didn’t have enough bass when played on other systems – because the bass in my room was so huge.”  

With the 7380As installed, Guetta’s mixes now translate from his studio straight to the dance floors of Ibiza, and the subwoofers have helped improve the overall sound in his room. “By installing the subwoofers, we were able to reposition David’s main monitors to avoid early reflections. Finding the best place for the subwoofers also meant that we had a great frequency response curve all the way from low to high frequencies,” notes Genelec’s Pasi Pönkkä, who traveled to Guetta’s studio to calibrate the system using Genelec’s GLM software. Using GLM, Pönkkä was able to analyze the acoustic environment of Guetta’s studio and then optimize each Genelec monitor and subwoofer accordingly – thereby reducing any negative influences of the room on the sound.  

Pönkkä adds that “Each 7380A subwoofer is paired with a single 1234A monitor, so the low frequencies can be better localized. Also, the locations were chosen so that the subwoofer sums aren’t canceling each other out. The overall result was that we were able to provide David with more bass extension, but with a much smoother and flatter response.”  

Another benefit for Guetta is that he can now work for much longer periods without the listening fatigue that he used to experience. “When producing, I’m not really playing too loud, and the Genelec 1234As – even though they are huge – still sound very precise even when they aren’t loud,” he concludes. “What I like about the 7380As is that I can work at a low volume so that I’m not too tired after a few hours, and it’s still very precise. But, if I want to blast it loud, it’s powerful enough to feel like it’s in a club.”


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