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Dara AV Utilizes VUE Audio For Upgraded Sound Reinforcement At New Jersey Restaurant

Distributed system at Gabriella’s Italian Steakhouse in Red Bank incorporates 18 i-2x4.5 full-range loudspeakers joined by five iS-12 compact subs to bolster low-end response.
Inside Gabriella’s Italian Steakhouse in Red Bank, where Dara AV recently installed a new distributed system with 23 VUE i-Class loudspeakers.

In a project headed up by company founder Jak Daragjati, Staten Island-based Dara AV recently completed the installation of more than 20 VUE Audiotechnik i-Class loudspeakers at Gabriella’s Italian Steakhouse in Red Bank, NJ.

“Gabriella’s consists of a main dining hall and bar where the open ceiling height is about 12 feet,” explains Daragjati. “The goal was to provide a distributed audio system that would provide a great vibe with great coverage, yet not overpower lunch and dinner conversations.”

He designed a distributed system that utilizes 18 i-2×4.5 full-range loudspeakers with a proprietary MTM driver layout designed to foster inconspicuous placements. They’re joined by five iS-12 compact subwoofers to bolster low-end response.

“We chose VUE Audio’s i-Class due to their construction quality, and sound which is far superior to anything in that size and price range,” Daragjati concludes. “We know we have a very pleased client when they’ve already called us in for the next restaurant they plan to open.”

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