Dante Certification And Training Scheduled For The 2018 NAMM Show

Three progressive levels of certification and an insider “tips and tricks” course to take place at the NAMM U Education Center at the Anaheim Hilton.

At The 2018 NAMM Show, Audinate, the creators of Dante multi-channel digital media networking protocol, will present three progressive levels of the Dante Certification Program and an insider “tips and tricks” with Dante.

The courses are designed as progressive education to both introduce and accelerate Dante professional knowledge, and will take place at the NAMM U Education Center at the Anaheim Hilton during The NAMM Show, January 25 – 28.

Bernie Farkus, Sr. Technical Sales engineer for Audinate shares, “I’m looking forward to the continuation of the Dante Certification courses at NAMM. Based on feedback received since last NAMM, we’ve expanded our offerings this year, and hope to see more audio professionals at this year’s event.” 

Highlights of the Dante Certification and Training Program include:

Introductory Networked Audio Applications – Thursday, January 25 | 8:30 a.m.
This 90-minute session is recommended for people who are brand-new to audio networking or unsure if they should delve into a full Dante Certification course. This session will be useful for people whose audio experience has primarily been with analog hardware and/or computer-based consumer/prosumer audio applications using USB, Firewire and/or Thunderbolt interfaces.

Attending this session will provide an understanding of digital audio, Dante audio networking and its use and real-world applications in today’s audio systems.

Dante Level 1 Training – Thursday, January 25 | 10:00 a.m.
This 90-minute session is part one of the full Dante Certification Program, a multi-level training offered by Audinate. Level 1 is an introductory session for users who are new to networking and is designed to provide a foundation in audio and networking concepts for audio professionals. This session may be all that’s required to assemble and operate a small, stand-alone Dante audio system. To complete Level 1 Certification, an online test must be passed after completing this session.

Dante Level 2 Training – Thursday, January 25 | 1:30 p.m.
This three-hour session is part of the full Dante Certification Program, a multi-level training offered by Audinate. It is designed for intermediate to advanced Dante users and should only be taken once Level 1 has been completed. To complete Level 2 Certification, you must pass an online skills test and a knowledge test.

Beyond Certification: Tips, Tricks and Best Practices – Friday, January 26 | 9:00 a.m. This course is not a repeat of Audinate’s Dante Certification series — it’s a complement to it. Beyond Certification will reveal best practices in designing a system to get it right the first time and teach skills to solve the most common mistakes. Dante Certification topics that often remain foggy or are forgotten will be reinforced with new approaches, and several live demonstrations will illustrate key concepts so attendees aren’t memorizing information — they’re experiencing it personally.

Dante Level 3 Training – Saturday, January 27 | 9:00 a.m.
This full-day training is geared toward attendees that are already using Dante, and are looking to create more advanced systems and discover best practices. This training should only be taken once Level 1 and Level 2 have been completed. Topics include advanced networking, mixed use networks, best practices, troubleshooting techniques and Dante domain management.

Professionals who are interested in attending one or more of the Dante trainings must register at The creation and/or use of an account will be necessary to register for Dante Certification and Training.

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Dante Certification and Training joins a suite of professional development opportunities at The 2018 NAMM Show, including NAMM U; TEC Tracks; A3E’s The Future of Audio program; [email protected]: Pro Sound Symposium Live and Studio, curated by the Audio Engineering Society; Music Education Days, GenNext career development and the Nonprofit Institute from The NAMM Foundation; and event technology sessions, curated by ESTA (Entertainment Services and Technology Association), The Pro Production Sessions.These educational sessions will take place at the NAMM U Education Center at the Hilton Anaheim, located next door to the Anaheim Convention Center, and are open to NAMM members.

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