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A perspective Sterlington High School Stadium in Monroe, with coverage now provided by Danley loudspeakers.

Danley Sound Labs Provides A Sonic Boost At Louisiana High School Stadium

Matt’s Music deploys SH46 loudspeakers for wide coverage and an OS80 loudspeaker to handle visitor seating at 3,000-plus-capacity Sterlington High School Stadium in Monroe.

AV integrator and retailer Matt’s Music recently designed and installed a new sound reinforcement system for the 3,000-plus capacity football stadium at Sterlington High School in Monroe, LA that’s headed by weatherized loudspeakers from Danley Sound Labs.

The upgrade replaces a system that had been in place for 15 years and suffered from sub-standard performance. “Sterlington Stadium had a pair of loudspeakers out on the scoreboard that were not working well,” explains Tony Cortellini, sales engineer with the contracting division of Matt’s Music, also located in Monroe. “They had aged, but the school wasn’t able to come up with a budget to replace them. So, they asked us to refurbish the existing loudspeakers and move them to light poles nearer the stands. That was a passable solution until a tornado hit the stadium and knocked the poles to the ground. They finally had to replace the scoreboard and wanted an attached sound system. Since they were looking for a long throw from the score board, I immediately thought of Danley.”

Kim Comeaux, western sales manager at Danley, adds, “Tony [Cortellini] reached out to me regarding the design of a Danley system at Sterlington High School, and we agreed that a Danley demo would give the school peace of mind that they were making the right decision. Based on the layout of the field and stands, we demoed the Danley SH46 for coverage of the home stands and field and the Danley OS80 for the visitor stands. They immediately loved it. But doing their due diligence, the school arranged a second demo with another loudspeaker manufacturer. Danley was the clear winner on sound quality, coverage, and total final price.”

As the school had to adhere to its budget, it opted to forgo subwoofers in favor of broad coverage that would also include the far end zone, where a significant number of spectators regularly gather for games. To deliver that coverage, Cortellini manufactured custom brackets for the SH46s so they could fire horizontally to give a combined 120 degrees of coverage. A single OS80 covers the smaller visitor-side bleachers. All three Danley boxes are weatherized to provide added protection against the subtropical Louisiana summers. A single four-channel Danley DNA 10k4 Pro amplifier, with integrated DSP, powers the loudspeakers.

“I’ve learned my lesson on Danley amps,” Cortellini says. “I used to put in other manufacturers’ amps, but the Danley amps are loaded with Danley-specific presets that work perfectly with all of their models. It’s just so superior and makes the entire Danley system work at maximum efficiency.”

“Danley has been my go-to for several years. Tom Danley’s patented synergy-horn technologies sound amazing, even at a distance. They’ve got the power. They’re made in the USA. Danley offers me great factory support, and they’re always ready to offer demos for prospective clients. Add up all those reasons, and Danley is a rock solid way to go for me.”

During the commissioning and training, Cortellini walked the field and the stands with the Sterlington High School principal, the football coach, and other members of the staff with an interest in the system. The coverage was even, and the sound quality and volume were levels above where they had been previously.

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