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Danley Sound Labs Deployed To Meet Acoustical Challenges At Unique Tennessee Venue

Centerline Audio Visual selects SH95 loudspeakers, working with existing system components, in upgrade project at The View at Fountains in Murfreesboro.
A perspective of The View at Fountains in Murfreesboro, now equipped with Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers.

The View at Fountains, a 400-capacity conference and event space in Murfreesboro, TN, presents acoustic challenges that were recently met by regional AV integration firm Centerline Audio Visual utilizing Danley Sound Labs SH95 loudspeakers.

Aptly named, The View at Fountains features floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a vantage of beautiful greenspace, but they also complicate things sonically, and this is compounded even further by tile flooring, an exposed concrete ceiling, and drywall. The goal for Centerline AV was retaining the beautiful visual aesthetic while delivering audio fidelity and keeping sound from bouncing off the walls and ceiling.

“Scott Graby owns the building and is also the sound tech at Franklin Road Baptist Church, where we had done some work involving Danley loudspeakers,” explains Scott Oliver, owner of Centerline. “The View at Fountains is a beautiful event center that is perfect for weddings, conferences, and banquets. Unfortunately, all of the reflective surfaces in the room caused a lot of intelligibility problems, and Scott [Graby] received complaints.”

Graby notes, “Scott [Oliver] did a room profile of the space, and his graph showed sound bouncing all over the place. He put together a quote for sound absorption panels that was not only costly but, would have marred the aesthetic of the space. As an aside, he mentioned past success with Danley loudspeakers in challenging spaces and was curious about whether we could reduce the number of acoustic panels by swapping our existing loudspeakers for Danleys. Scott [Oliver] plugged them into his room profile and was stunned. Apparently, the profile showed that Danley loudspeakers might eliminate the need for sound absorption panels altogether.”

Using the system’s existing amplifier and the existing subwoofer, Oliver swapped in a pair of Danley SH95 loudspeakers, each projecting a stated 95-degree horizontal by a 55-degree vertical coverage pattern that, owing to Tom Danley’s patented Synergy Horn technology, is designed to extend the coverage pattern below some designs tend to go omnidirectional. “Danley offers what I like to call ‘smear-free performance,’” Oliver says. “A typical horn-woofer loudspeaker is inherently ‘smeared’ all by itself and placing it in a reflective environment just amplifies the ‘smear.’ In contrast, Danley output is phase-coherent out of the box and minimizes reflections with tight pattern control. As a result, Danley intelligibility is off the charts!”

Graby concludes, “The Danley difference has been transformative. We no longer get complaints about echo, and we’ve not added a single sound absorption panel. I’m not sure how this is even possible, but I’m very impressed.”

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