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Danley Loudspeakers Deployed To Help Solve Sonic Problems At Living Water Bible Fellowship

SBH20LF loudspeakers chosen by Lambda Audio Visual to head up new system that addresses feedback and intelligibility challenges.

AV integration firm Lambda Audio Visual (Monument, CO) recently designed and installed a new system headed by Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers to help solve several issues at Living Water Bible Fellowship in Alamosa, CO.

Specifically with the previous system, the pastor could not get his microphone nearly loud enough before feedback threatened to overtake his voice. Further, even when feedback wasn’t a problem, there was a distinct lack of intelligibility and impact.

“Living Water Bible Fellowship contacted us looking for some ideas to help improve the sound system in their main worship room,” notes Ryan Durbin, owner of Lambda Audio Video. “We visited to check out their system and immediately noticed the unique shape and orientation of the room. It’s a rectangle with a peaked ceiling, with the stage set up on a long wall. There are balconies on both sides that look down on the stage from above. The space fits about 150 people. The orientation and loudspeaker placement created a ‘boomy’ reverberant sound in the main worship area. They were having a lot of difficulties producing defined sounds. Moreover, the room shape and a soffit area above the stage left no obvious place to put a loudspeaker for general coverage.”

Durbin worked with his CAD designer to model options given these unique circumstances, explaining, “The Danley SBH20LF column-form loudspeaker is especially appropriate for a situation like the one at Living Water. It has a thin profile and covers an area of 120 degrees horizontal by 20 degrees vertical. This allowed us to use a completely different location for speaker placement. Instead of going above the stage, we used the left and right sides of the stage. They cover the entire main level and nothing else.”

The new loudspeaker set also incorporates a pair of Danley THmini subwoofers along with a (slightly) delayed Danley SM100 loudspeaker on each side of the room to cover the balcony. A new PreSonus 24SX 32-channel console with a PreSonus 24r rack mixer and a handful of acoustic panels against the back wall finished the job.

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