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Danley Jericho Horns & Tapped-Horn Subs Cover New 10,000-Seat Football Stadium In Texas

Dual Jericho Horns mounted on end zone building provide complete coverage to 10,000-capacity venue, with enhanced low-end supplied by four TH118 subwoofers.
A view of new Sheldon ISD Stadium from the audio control position -- the system's Danley loudspeakers are mounted on top of the building at right.

C.E. King High School in the suburbs of Houston has opened new 10,000-seat Sheldon ISD Stadium to host football games and other events, with AVL integration firm Broadcast Works (Bullard, TX) installing the venue’s sound reinforcement system that incorporates Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers, including two Jericho Horns, four TH118 subwoofers, and three DNA 20k4 Pro multi-channel amplifiers.

Huckabee and Associates (Woodlands, TX) designed the audio and video systems for stadium, and Broadcast Works won the bid to install it. “The stadium is huge, 10,000 seats, which is noteworthy in itself,” says Joe Yeargain, the Houston-area manager for Broadcast Works. “The overall design is clean. There are no excessive architectural elements but plenty of thoughtful functional aspects that will make the stadium popular with fans. In addition to the Panther home games, Sheldon ISD Stadium will support regional playoff games and other events that require big seating capacities, like graduation ceremonies.”

The stadium is built around a mid-level concourse with concessions between home and visitor seating to either side. Opposite the concourse is a multipurpose building that serves as a field house for both the home team and the visitors as well as a banquet hall. The banquet hall has large glass bay windows that look out onto the field, and 75-inch touchscreen monitors give attendees a view of the game.

The end zone near the multipurpose building hosts a large scoreboard, and the weatherproofed Danley boxes are mounted to it. Only two Jericho Horns are needed to supply complete coverage and desired SPL — one for the home side and the other for the visitors side. Their patterns merge at the center of the field and drop off relatively strongly to help avoid comb filtering that plagues line arrays.

A view of new Sheldon ISD Stadium from the audio control position — the system’s Danley loudspeakers are mounted on top of the building at right.

Huckabee and Associates added four Danley TH118 subwoofers to deliver enhanced low end. At four channels each, three Danley DNA 20k4 Pro amplifiers provide a dozen channels at 5,000 watts each, and optional Dante inputs make the run from the Allen & Heath dLive console in the press box to the amplifiers. A BSS London DSP system manages audio to smaller systems such as in-ceiling speakers for concourses, suites, and the banquet hall.

“The evolution in sound quality over the 30 years that I’ve been in this business is remarkable,” says Yeargain. “The engineers at Danley shipped the DNA 20k4 Pro amplifiers with DSP presets for the Jericho Horns and TH118 subwoofers pre-loaded. They sounded superb right out of the box and didn’t require any tuning at all. Danley’s speech clarity is excellent, and the musical quality is something to experience. With the subwoofers engaged, the client was astonished at the sub-bass energy across the entire field four-hundred feet away. Practically-speaking, my installation techs were really impressed with the rigging points and installation-friendly features of the Danley boxes.”

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