Danley Introduces New Studio 1 & Studio 2 Nearfield Monitors As Well As Studio Sub

Brings the company's Synergy Horn technology to market in a new form.
The Studio 1 and Studio Sub

Danley Sound Labs has introduced the new Studio 1 and Studio 2 active nearfield monitors as well as the new Studio Sub subwoofer.

Studio 1 relies on company’s Synergy Crossover that’s designed to assure linear frequency response and phase response. It has a stated response of 63 Hz to 20 kHz, using a single 6.5-inch coaxial driver and requiring one amplifier channel.

Studio 2 is designed to be a self -powered stand-alone box with no need for an external sub. It incorporated onboard processing as well as having analog, digital-balanced XLR inputs and RCA inputs.

Studio Sub uses two 8-inch woofers designed to deliver low distortion down to 33 Hz. Coupled with high output, the Studio Sub is optimized to pair with the Studio 1 but will work with any nearfield monitors as well.

Danley Sound Labs

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