Cymatic Audio Announces MADI Module Expansion For uTrack24

Audio interface developer Cymatic Audio announces that it is planning to release the uTrack24 MADI Module, a user-installable MADI (Multichannel Audio Digital Interface) option card for its 19-inch rack-mountable uTrack24 24-track recorder, player, and interface…

Cymatic Audio’s uTrack24 24-track recorder, player, and interface handles recording and audio playback without computer constraints. It records directly onto USB media plugged into the front panel. 24 three-colour LEDs show the level of each channel while the same LEDs can be used as a 24-segment level meter for one channel individually. An LCD screen shows additional information and allows editing of parameters via a push encoder. Lastly, large illuminated front panel-positioned transport controls help with recordings and overcoming onstage and off-stage lighting conditions.

Integration of the uTrack24’s multichannel audio I/O with MADI-based audio systems will soon be reality with the release of the uTrack24 MADI Module, making it possible to record 24 separate audio tracks from the output of MADI-equipped digital consoles and stage boxes. 24 channels of uTrack24-delivered pre-recorded digital audio can be output to a digital console’s inputs. Integration and interconnections are made through the uTrack24 MADI Module’s onboard optical in and out and (BNC) coaxial connectors. The uTrack24’s 24 analogue outputs (on standard 25-pin D-Sub connectors) can still remain active while using the uTrack24 MADI Module’s digital outputs.

Connect a uTrack24 MADI Module-equipped uTrack 24 to a MADI-equipped digital console for 24-channel virtual soundcheck playback or 24-channel soundcheck recordings — all at the push of an illuminated button.

The uTrack24 MADI Module will be shipping in Summer 2015 and available to buy from Cymatic Audio’s global network of dealers and retailers with projected pricing significantly lower than €400.00 EUR/$400.00 USD.

Cymatic Audio

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