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Current Madonna Tour Takes In $200 Million And Climbing

The current “Sticky & Sweet” concert tour by Madonna has passed the $200 million gross mark for just-concluded dates in North America, as well as Europe prior to that.

The tour has now moved on to Mexico/South America, where it is expected to increase the total gross to about $282 million.

The North American leg included 28 dates, with about 550,000 tickets sold producing a gross of approximately $91.5 million.

Eighth Day Sound, based in Cleveland, has been the sound reinforcement system and support provider for the entire tour, and continues through South America to its conclusion in late December in Sao Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The tour’s gross figures, reported by Billboard and Reuters quoting tour producer Arthur Fogel of Live Nation, reflect both the long-time pop star’s continuing popularity as well as being another indicator of the continuing drawing power of established, long-time artists.

A report published last month in USA Today noted that 2008 concert grosses from May 1 through Labor Day were $1 billion in 2008, up 5 percent from $948.5 million reported over the same period in 2007.

The tour of country megastar Kenny Chesney lead the way with more than $62 million, the report stated, followed by venerable top performers The Police, Tom Petty, Dave Matthews Band and Bruce Springsteen. The report further noted two big surprises on the concert tour scene: Journey and the Jonas Brothers, with the latter making the top 10.


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