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Creating A Place Of Healing: Inside The Clinic, A Support Organization Built By Roadies For Roadies

“We exist to empower and heal roadies and their families by providing resources and services tailored to the struggles of the touring lifestyle.”
Paul and Courtney Klimson in downtown Niles in front of The Clinic.

Key People & Organizations Supporting The Clinic

Candice Rukes, director of media relations, a touring veteran of 15-plus years who’s also heading the women’s division and assisting with LGBTQ. Courtney: “If it weren’t for Candice, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. With the help of Mike Faello, she convinced me to push forward in our mission right when Covid broke out, which is about the time I thought The Clinic was over.”

Mike Faello, chief of development, who toured professionally in security for years.  Courtney: “Networking is his gift, and he has brought attention to our cause with multiple industry leaders, as well as donors looking for a new cause outside of their own industries.”

Chris Gratton, a member of the board of directors who’s been in leadership in touring for over 30 years and is currently the PM/TD for Justin Bieber. Courtney: “Where we excel with connections in the audio industry, he does the same in all other elements (lighting, managements, artists).”

Brian Campbell, chief creative officer, who when initially reading The Clinic proposal introduced the Klimsons to the concept of a pitch deck. Courtney: “He designed the entire deck, down to the graphics used, and that is how we started to get the attention of the industry.”

Crystal Kuzma, socials, who focuses on keep the organization relevant and consistent, and who has grown The Clinic’s followers by at least 400 percent since taking over. Courtney: “She’s our cheerleader, our encourager, and she is educated in the field of health and nutrition.”

Alexis Stump, intern, a vital cog with the myriad “little details” that must be right for an organization to succeed. Courtney: “Would we be able to do any of this without her? I seriously doubt it.”

Board of Directors
Courtney Klimson, chief operating officer
Mary Falardeau, works with Clair Brothers and an industry labor law expert
Warren Pettit, an educator who is training up the next generation of performers and technicians
Ben Jacobs, a touring pro for more than 15 years and is the father of four
Melissa Correa, LMFT (marriage and family therapist) and the spouse of a touring musician
Mike Faello
Candice Rukes
Chris Gratton

*And a ninth member soon to be announced. (Courtney: “It’s a big deal!”)

Sobriety, three volunteers who are professionals in the sobriety field.
Therapy, one local therapist in Niles partnering with to utilize its network
Finance, three volunteers (one individual, two organizations) working on the creation of curriculum/tools
Human Resources, three volunteers building our internal HR guidelines
Creative, four volunteers working alongside Brian Campbell
Media, ProSoundWeb/Live Sound International editorial team as well as video/design professionals
Advisory, five volunteers in various parts of the industry providing guidance in networking and fundraising

The Clinic

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