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Cowboys Saloon Opens New Syracuse Venue With Ashly Audio

Visual Technologies deploys KLR-Series dual-channel amplifiers for newest location in New York’s Destiny Mall.

Cowboys Saloon is the newest tenant at Syracuse, New York’s Destiny Mall. With its roots in Florida, Cowboys Saloon has opened strategic locations throughout the country, and the 13,000 square-foot Destiny location exemplifies the brand’s commitment to entertaining its patrons with a full-blooded country & western experience.

To support a live stage devoted mainly to country music, and a healthy dose of rock music and DJ sets thrown in, local A/V integration firm Visual Technologies used ten of Ashly Audio’s KLR-Series dual-channel amplifiers.

Rich Trombitas, regional sales & product manager with A/V manufacturers rep firm Cardone, Solomon & Associates (CS&A), which handles Ashly Audio gear in New York City and northern New Jersey, assisted Jim Blair, sales manager at Visual Technologies with the system design at Cowboys Saloon.

In a single day, Trombitas traveled to Syracuse from New York City, surveyed the space, met with the owner, went back to Visual Technologies, designed the system with Blair, compiled a materials list, and drove back home.

“The two keys to the project’s success were having the owner meet us halfway on the budget and designing a system that was as powerful and reliable as they really needed to pull off the promise of the brand on what was – despite the owner’s flexibility – still a tight budget,” Trombitas says.

The ten Ashly KLR-Series amplifiers were an integral part of making it work. “We needed dynamic, high-power, low-cost amplification,” he continues. “The Ashly KLR-2000, for example, is one of the best values on the market, especially when bridged mono as we did to power some Renkus-Heinz subwoofers at Cowboys Saloon.” Indeed, three Ashly KLR-2000 amps bridged mono at 2,000W power three Renkus-Heinz CFX218S dual-18 subwoofers for the stage. Four Renkus-Heinz CFX101 point arrays handle the stage’s full-range material, two per side. A single beefy Ashly KLR-4000 delivers 2,000W per channel to power them, two CFX101s per amp channel. Another Ashly KLR-4000 powers four Renkus-Heinz CFX121M stage monitors (again, two per amp channel).

Cowboys Saloon’s dining and dancing area features four Renkus-Heinz CFX121 loudspeakers powered by a single Ashly KLR-3200 (1,600W per channel at two loudspeakers per amp channel), with low-end support from two Renkus-Heinz CFX12S subwoofers. A single Ashly KLR-2000 bridged mono powers them. Six existing 8-inch two-way loudspeakers, powered by a single Ashly KLR-2000, cover the bar, with another Renkus-Heinz CFX12S subwoofer powered by one channel of an Ashly KLR-2000 amplifier. Its other channel powers yet another CFX12S subwoofer in the “audience area” of Cowboys Saloon. Finally, an Ashly KLR-3200 powers four more Renkus-Heinz CFX121 loudspeakers in that same “audience area.”

A 24-channel digital mixing console with a digital snake serves as the main input to the system, with DSP support from a Symetrix Prism 16×16.

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