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Composer, Guitar Virtuoso Vince Lauria Utilizes JBL LSR4328P Monitors On Latest Project

Award-winning film music composer implements JBL monitors at Vinny Castaldo's Las Vegas recording studio

Guitar virtuoso and composer Vince Lauria purchased JBL Professional LSR4328P monitors to mix and master the music for the new independent feature film, “Nowhere Fast: The Forgotten Story of Approach Control.”

Many of Lauria’s projects are finalized at The Tone Factory, Vinny Castaldo’s Las Vegas recording studio. “Vinny’s studio has very high-end, expensive studio monitors, and when I used to bring my mixes there, they would not sound right,” Lauria said. “But it’s such a huge difference now with the LSR’s. My mixes translate so well from room to room.”

Lauria recently won a Gold Medal award for Best Impact of Music in a Documentary Film at the 2009 Park City Film Music Festival for the feature documentary, “Pigweed Philosopher: The Untethered Zen of Kimball Johnson,” which also recently earned Best Documentary [International] at the London Independent Film Festival.

Lauria also won a 2008 Gold Medal at the Park City Film Music Festival for the feature documentary, “Man Of A Thousand Faces,” executive produced by actor James Hong (“Blade Runner,” “The Day The Earth Stood Still”). The music for both “Man of a Thousand Faces” and “Pigweed Philosopher” was mixed using JBL LSR4328P monitors.

“I love the uncolored sound the JBL’s have, because my mixes are consistent and accurate when I go to a mastering studio,” stated Lauria. “Unlike other brands I’ve used, I don’t have to compensate for the inadequacies of the speakers.”

As a guitar virtuoso, Lauria has numerous instructional textbooks to his name. As a composer, Lauria has collaborated with notable recording artists such as Denny Laine (The Moody Blues, Wings), award-winning film composer Jeffrey Gold and Jazz great Richie Cole.

He composed and performed the Clio Award-winning melody for the Made In The Shade Jeans commercials. Lauria is also producing and engineering a new album with producer Rafael C. Garcia for recording star Donnie Vie of Enuff Z’nuff.

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