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The Schertler brand was founded in the early 1980s by professional bassist Stephan Schertler. Inspired by Schertler’s personal passion for electronics and music, the brand quickly established a worldwide reputation for the development of products that could reproduce acoustic instrument sound with the highest levels of accuracy.

Over the following decades, Schertler’s innovative approach to harnessing acoustic vibrations resulted in constantly evolving ranges of contact microphones (including the STAT, BASiK, Magnetico AG6 and flagship DYN P48 Series), and acoustic amplification systems that currently include the popular DAVID, JAM, UNICO and new ROY models.

In 2015 with the establishment of the Schertler Group (Schertler SA, SR Technology and Velvet Strings), research and development began to focus increasingly on professional audio products, while maintaining an active musical instrument product portfolio. Recent releases have included the YELLOW MIC 500 preamplifier, the TIM and TOM compact mobile sound reinforcement systems, the TEDDY professional stage monitor and the ARTHUR modular mixer.

Schertler Group contact microphones, preamps and ARTHUR mixers are manufactured in Mendrisio, Switzerland, using in-house produced components. Acoustics amps are built in the Schertler Group manufacturing facility at Potenza Picena, Italy, developed in collaboration with the Group’s R&D offices in Switzerland and Italy.

Today, Schertler Group products are a first choice for live performances, broadcast and recording sessions across the globe. The company is proud to list some of the world’s major orchestras, ensembles, soloists and sound engineers as ambassadors.

WATCH: Stephan Schertler provides a personal insight into the Schertler Group’s motivation for developing new products.

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