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110 Talmadge Rd.
Edison, New Jersey 08817
732 902 6100
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From 1949, RCF is committed in the perfect reproduction and amplification of sound for events and concerts, recording, public address, broadcast, and Hi-Fi/portable audio. The company brings the typical Italian passion for perfection and good design in the audio universe. All the products and components are designed and developed internally, to ensure the maximum quality and reliability. The wide catalog covers all the aspects of the audio chain and meets the requirements of any musicians, sound engineer, architect, and system integrator. Whatever your audio problem, RCF has the right solution.

Innovation comes first, thanks to the incredible R&D team, creator of many original products and technologies, as the hyper-venting system, the inside/outside voice coil, the dual silicone spiders and countless mechanical, digital and electronic leading edge solutions. RCF is always up to date on forefront technologies and materials, providing tools, documentation, technical support and training to help professionals to reach the listener at best. RCF has always shared the knowledge, experience, and skills of his engineers in training activities for all the audio professionals and enthusiasts. In the meantime, the internal support engineering team helps the architect, the system designer or the integrator during the design and customization of complex systems.

The solid know-how, built in nearly 70 years of history, the modern Italian manufacturing facility, and the continuous technological improvement makes RCF a fundamental reference for all the audio professionals and enthusiasts. You can find RCF everywhere, in concert venues, recording studios, airports, conference halls, discotheques, public spaces, clubs, cruises or in the hands and the houses of countless musicians. RCF distributes directly in the United States, France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, plus a network of trusted professional distributors over the rest of the world.

RCF cares about your sound!


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