Community Presents BalancePoint Flyware For I SERIES Loudspeakers

I SERIES is a family of arrayable loudspeakers with matching-height subwoofers from Community Professional.

By combining I SERIES with Community’s exclusive BalancePoint Flyware, system designers can implement complex solutions for applications ranging from houses of worship to multi-purpose auditoriums, live theaters and other professional and commercial venues. 

BalancePoint Flyware is a versatile flying hardware system that makes it easy to create planar or isometric arrays and add rear, top or steered subwoofers.

Individual loudspeakers may be precisely aimed and arrays can be quickly assembled in the shop or on-site. BalancePoint Flyware complements the appearance of I SERIES loudspeakers in black or white with a low-profile design that hugs the ceiling and eliminates unsightly aircraft cables.

Chris Barrow, Community’s director of product marketing said, “I SERIES with its BalancePoint Flyware helps fulfill the vision of the system designer by making it easy to design and implement the ideal system for any venue. These products represent an important direction for Community, one where we strive to create a blend of function and aesthetics that can meet the technical needs of systems engineers while also pleasing architects and interior designers.”

Community Professional

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