Community Debuts Color-Matched Grilles & Yokes For WET, R-Series Loudspeakers

Community Professional has enhanced its WET and R-Series loudspeakers, ideal for outdoor sound reinforcement, with the introduction of color-matched grilles and yokes with improved weather-resistance. 

As an example, Community’s R-Series, beginning with the model R.5HP, will gain attractive, two-layer, powder-coated steel yokes and grilles. 

These will be light gray in color, to match the enclosure, and will enhance the product’s weather-resistance as well as improving the appearance.

The rest of the R-Series product line will receive the same makeover later this year (the R6 will remain black). 

Similarly, Community’s WET Series II will gain attractive, stainless steel grilles and yokes with two-layer powder-coating to match the choice of white or black enclosures.

“It’s been ten years since Community introduced the original WET228 and R2, which may be the single most important advance in school systems in the last decade,” said Bruce Howze, Community’s President and Chief Engineer.

“These new refinements to our all-weather mounting hardware will ensure an even longer lifespan for R-Series and WET products, many of which already outlast not just the competition, but sometimes even the buildings they’re installed on.”

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