Community Announces R SERIES Compatibility With EASE Focus 2

Community Professional has added R SERIES to its growing library of manufacturer-authorized EASE Focus 2 GLL data files.

It allows system designers to create accurate 3D models of complex R SERIES arrays using the EASE Focus 2 software application from AFMG.

R SERIES loudspeakers are designed to deliver musical sound quality with high voice intelligibility in continuous outdoor exposure.

Dave Howden, director of technical services for Community, states, “Because EASE Focus 2 makes it easy to see the direct-field coverage of a loudspeaker array, it’s a great prototyping tool.

“Community is pleased to support system designers by providing manufacturer-authorized EASE Focus 2 GLL files for a wide range of our products.”

EASE Focus 2 is a free application available directly from AFMG (here). Manufacturer-authorized EASE and EASE Focus 2 GLL files for Community loudspeakers may be downloaded from the Community website (here).

EASE Focus 2 model of a soccer field with R SERIES loudspeakers.

Community Professional


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