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Coming Up This Week On Practical Show Tech: Webinars Focusing On Wireless Systems & Spectrum Analysis

"Introduction To Sony Wireless Mics" slated for Wednesday, May 27 followed by "Spectrum Analysis Methods With RF Venue" on Friday, May 29
Practical Show Tech Webinars

Practical Show Tech (PST) is presenting a two live webinars this week, the first focusing on Sony Wireless Microphone Systems followed by a look at Spectrum Analysis Methods presented by RF Venue.

“Introduction To Sony Wireless Mics” (PST Episode 58) is slated for Wednesday, May 27 starting at 4 pm U.S. Eastern time. In the webinar, Sony Broadcast professional audio product manager Andrew Munitz will provide a look inside the company’s latest DWX Digital Series and UWP-D Series wireless systtems. Register here for this webinar.

Meanwhile, “Spectrum Analysis Methods With RF Venue” (PST Episode 59) will be held on Friday, May 29, also starting at 4 pm U.S. Eastern time. Chris Regan of RF Venue will lead a discussion on spectrum analysis methods as well as tools to deal with specific RF problems. Register here for this webinar.

The entire upcoming schedule of Practical Show Tech webinars is here.

Practical Show Tech (PST)

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